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Panther soccer academy

Panther Soccer Academy is designed to develop well-rounded, versatile players who can play most every position. Our academy is built on fun and fairness. We are player-centric, which means that the teams exist to benefit the players, not the other way around. Our curriculum is stage based with a heavy focus on dribbling and goal scoring in stages 1 and 2. When players are competent dribblers and shooters, we incorporate passing and team concepts.

We rotate the players and provide equal playing time. We train indoors to maximize development. We play games on Saturdays in outdoor leagues with games around the city. Our home field (and most games) is currently Azteca Park in the Aldine area.

The Panther Academy consists of two levels: Panther Select and Panther Elite

Panther Select is for players with a competitive mentality who are ready to move into a competitive soccer environment, learn moves and work to win 1v1 battles both offensively and defensively. 1v1 duels are the core of Panther competitive soccer.

Panther Elite  Panther Elite is designed for players who have “graduated” from Panther Select, having demonstrated the ability to beat players off the dribble. Panther Elite is also designed for higher level players that have found other academies lacking and are interested in our brand of soccer.

player commitments

Joining the Panther Academy is a 1-year commitment. Players must be involved in both the fall and the following spring seasons. Players have the freedom to play with us or do something else in the summer and winter.


Fall Season

In the fall season we require that players train 2 X weekly. If you require an exception, please let us know. Season starts in late August and ends in early December. Fall training begins the last week in August and finishes after the last week of November.

Spring Season

The commitment is for a minimum of 1 practice each week for 4 months (Mid February – end of May) and a game on the weekends. Players involved in other sports may opt out of games and just attend weekly training sessions. Players not involved in other spring athletics (such as baseball) are encouraged to train 2 x weekly. We frown on players training 1 x weekly with us so they can play soccer on other teams.

Practice Times

Practice times are largely consistent but can vary from time to time based on field availability and the number of teams in an age group.

Training Schedule

2011/12 teams practice Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00p – 7:30p

2013/14 teams practice Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00p – 7:30p

2015/16 teams practice Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00-6:30p

Take advantage of the best soccer developmental program in the city for kids ages 7-14!

We have new teams being formed each season.  Players are evaluated by age and offers will be made to either a Panther Select or Elite teams.

If interested, please follow the link below for tryout times.